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Paleo Pumpkin Pie


Today I made my first ever Paleo pumpkin pie. What was I waiting for? No F-ing clue. It's literally my favorite dessert on the planet and I've limited myself to just one "regular" slice every Thanksgiving for the past seven years. I'll limit no more, my friends. This pie is a game-changer. I followed Michele's recipe ...

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My Workout Plan


I really need to get my ass in shape before I'm 50 and regret never being fit (I've never been fit). I've got the diet part down, but exercise.... I just can never do it often enough to actually see results ugh. I also have some random physical issues that make it harder to do most ...

Hosting a Paleo Cocktail Party


Last Saturday was not only my FIRST overnight trip away from my babies everrrrr, but it was also the FIRST Cleanse party ever!! My bestie, Laura, and I took a quickie road trip down to our friend Julianna's house in Delaware for a cocktail party to celebrate the launch of the print Cleanse -- and ...

Inside My Cupboard


There are a few foods/ingredients I can't live without. If we run out I feel lost... almost as if I left my phone at home. Terrible feeling. For this reason, I keep my cupboard stocked at all times. Here they are in no particular order of addiction :) 1. Siete grain-free tortilla chips 2. Lesser Evil Paleo puffs ...

49 Cleanse Recipes


Even if you're not officially Cleansing, you can still sprinkle a few approved meals into your routine to stay on track without being super strict. Thanks to Monica at Bravo for Paleo for unknowingly creating a ridiculously long list of Cleanse-approved recipes on her blog over the last few years. PS she's done the Cleanse! Read her ...

15 Healthy Treats My Kids Love


It's easy to give kids junk food; it's cheap, pre-packaged and never goes bad. It's also horrible for them. If your babes are struggling with asthma, eczema, nightmares or behavioral issues, they might do better if you clean up their diets. Being prepared with healthy food is the obstacle I see most. They key, I've found, is to ...