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Paleo Veggie Pizza

July 20, 2020
Paleo veggie pizza

Back in 2008 I took a trip to Key West with a few of my besties. We rented a house with a pool and a gorgeous kitchen so we ended up cooking most of our meals which was so much fun, especially for my friend Laura who looooves to cook (and she’s SO good at it).

One specific recipe she made, veggie pizza, rocked my world hahah I’ve literally craved it for 11 years, but never made it myself because it calls for a Pillsbury dough crust and if I’m going to splurge on dough, it’s going to be cookie… just being honest.

Anyway I FINALLY pulled the trigger and recreated it without the carby dough and it turned out amaaaaazing (even with dill that expired in 2010… oops)!!! I used this veggie pizza recipe and made it grain-free by swapping the crust for this paleo flatbread. Tip: I didn’t have ghee so I used kerrygold butter for the flatbread and it turned out just fine if you find yourself in the same pickle.

Full disclosure: I definitely used real dairy for the spread so if you don’t tolerate it or you’re trying to avoid it, maybe try looking for a cashew-based dill sauce or save this post for another time when dairy’s back on the menu.

Paleo veggie pizza Paleo veggie pizzaPaleo veggie pizza

Jenny Champion MS RD CPT

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