How I Manage Pregnancy Weight Gain

I had three babies in less than three years. I gained 27 pounds with my first, 25 with my second and 22 with my third.  Here’s how I did it… I don’t f$#! around I take nutrition very seriously (duh, I’m an RD), but when I’m pregnant I’m borderline psycho about it. I’m growing a PERSON. Everything I do affects their entire lives. That’s a gigantic responsibility. I’m conscious of every bite I take, every ingredient in the products I consume and I certainly don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I want. Quite the opposite, actually. I eat…

My Halloween Candy Plan

Yesterday a fellow mom reached out to ask how I deal with Halloween candy in my house since I’m a known anti-candy fanatic. Here’s what she asked and here are my answers: Do you let your kids eat the Halloween candy? Yep. It’s once a year so I don’t stress too much about it. I do try to slow them down, though, particularly when they first get home from trick-or-treating because we’re inching close to bedtime and I don’t want sugar interfering with their sleep (because it will). Once 5PM hits, they’re done for the day; we’ll have dinner (which…

Newborn Tips From a Mother of Three

After three newborns and countless compliments on “how well I’m doing,” (who knew!?) I figure I must be doing something right and my newfound knowledge is probably worth sharing. Obviously these tips are what I did and what worked for me so they may not all work for you, but they’re certainly worth a try since we have a three for three batting average. And of course there are a thousand other things I could talk about (like… WTF to do with the cord stump, circumcisions, baths, etc.), but these six are the big ones so I’ll start here. 1.…

How to Get More Willpower

If you’re convinced you’re not losing weight because you can’t control yourself in the presence of cupcakes or anywhere near a kitchen after dinner you’re probably just doing it wrong.

“Willpower is a limited resource. It’s a lot like a muscle: there are only so many reps it can do before it gives out.”

Losing My Mom Made Me a Better Mom

Every girl who becomes a mother instantly appreciates her mother more, but I can’t tell mine that. I can’t ever send a…

“thanks for putting up with me” text or a “how did you do this?!?” call.

On particularly hard days at home with three babies I sometimes think of her and try to be as patient as she was and to see the light through the dark like she did so well. I thank her in my mind and hope she can hear me from heaven.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Better

Oh, the struggle of parenting! Trying to raise a healthy kid in today’s processed world is NOT easy. 

There are food commercials glamorizing sugar-coated cereal, packaging made just for kids in pretty colors and designs, everyone and their mothers trying to pass off candy and “treats” to kids that don’t belong to them, fast food commercials showing off “must-have” toys…there are so many things working against a mom just trying to raise her kid to eat real FOOD. 

So It Turns Out Breastfeeding Is HARD

…Really hard. Who knew something so basic and natural could be so freaking challenging!? I’m pretty sure if I ate like crap I would have quit by now, but since I put so much effort into eating right I want all that liquid gold injected directly into my baby in every round at the tata bar. I took the “no other option” approach from day -280. Women have been doing it for thousands of years and so will I. Period. That said, I’ve certainly encountered my fair share of lactation woes. In no specific horrible-ness ranking… meet my woes: 1. I’m the…