How to Get More Willpower

If you’re convinced you’re not losing weight because you can’t control yourself in the presence of cupcakes or anywhere near a kitchen after dinner you’re probably just doing it wrong.

“Willpower is a limited resource. It’s a lot like a muscle: there are only so many reps it can do before it gives out.”

The 7-Day Cleanse

Just this morning I got THREE success stories in my inbox from girls who’ve done my Cleanse 1) “I have never in my life not been hungry with all this boundless energy.” 2) “I lost 7 lbs, my skin looks better, and I’m feeling fresh AF.” 3) “Down 5 lbs and feeling SO much better.” When I feel like I’m posting to no one or that my work isn’t really helping as many people as I wish it would, these stories keep me going! I know how it feels to have food rule my life and it SUCKS! All I want is to help other women find the same food freedom and energy I’ve found Thank you for sharing your successes, ladies you’ve made me so proud

Here’s a little more info about it…

Fit After 40

This post is inspired by a lovely reader who wants to tone up after having babies and turning 40. To every woman who’s hit the big 4-0 and doesn’t want to let go of her figure, this is for you! The BAD News: As we age, we slowly lose muscle mass. It’s happening to everyone over the age of 24. Depressing, right? This loss of muscle mass is what causes the concurrent gradual decline in metabolism. The only way to combat this is to incorporate resistance training into your workouts to preserve the mass for as long as you can. For…

Low Carb Fiber Sources

Cutting carbs is popular, effective and appropriate for some medical conditions like PCOS. The main issue with the diet is the common low fiber intake associated with switching from eating a lot of grains, fruit and starches to more protein and fat. The recommended amount of fiber each day is 14 grams for every 1,000 calories you eat. So for a 1,500 kcal diet, that’s 21g per day. Since a low-carb diet naturally restricts carbs, you’ll want to be sure every non-protein or fat bite you take has fiber in it so at the end of the day you’ve met…