How to Get Your Kids to Eat Better

Oh, the struggle of parenting! Trying to raise a healthy kid in today’s processed world is NOT easy. 

There are food commercials glamorizing sugar-coated cereal, packaging made just for kids in pretty colors and designs, everyone and their mothers trying to pass off candy and “treats” to kids that don’t belong to them, fast food commercials showing off “must-have” toys…there are so many things working against a mom just trying to raise her kid to eat real FOOD. 

Pumpkin Bread I Don’t Hate Myself for Gorging On

Whenever I bake a new treat I have the hardest time not devouring the entire thing myself (that’s not an exaggeration). If I love it, I’ll just keep eating it until it’s gone. As you can imagine, that’s not going to help me lose this baby weight any time soon. My advice:

“If you’re going to pig out, make it on something you won’t regret tomorrow.”

Since going Paleo back in 2012 I’ve learned I can borderline gorge myself on cookies, cakes and pies and not gain weight or fall into a carb craving cycle like I did in my “regular” brownie days.

What I’m Working on This Week

On Sundays I map out the week ahead. It almost never works out as planned, but it helps me to at least start with a list and some goals so on Friday I’ve hit a few of them. After Poppy was born I was still trying to accomplish two or three projects every day which, after months of tears and frustration, I learned was 200,000% unrealistic with three under three. I’ve since simplified my tasks and now give myself only ONE thing to get done daily. I want to do more, I just can’t. So I focus on the most important…

I’m Spring Cleaning my Blog

For the past few years I’ve had a mile-long list of things I want to do with my blog and it just hasn’t happened because 1) I keep getting pregnant, 2) every time I get pregnant I eventually have another baby sucking on my boobs all day and 3) I have 37 business ideas (no joke) that I’m always trying to work on, so sadly the personal blog shit ends up on the back burner of an old broken-down stove aka ain’t nobody getting to it. They say if you want something bad enough you have to just DO it. So this is me, doing…

Salted Almond Butter Chocolate Balls

According to Rory, I can bake a treat like a mofo, but when it comes to cooking dinner, not so much. So I’ll just stick with dessert, right?! So last night I made these ridiculously easy almond butter balls… And today I ate four of them for lunch lol Oops! They’re insane. Seriously, SO good and SO simple!! Plus I don’t even feel guilty because it’s literally just some soy-free chocolate, almond butter, almond flour, vanilla and sea salt. When dessert is this healthy I’m totally cool with it ending up as meals 😉 The recipe is from Buzzfeed (thank you!!!), I…

I Got A New Camera!!

  I finally got a new camera!!!! I’ve been using an old Canon Rebel for the past year or so to shoot for the magazine, but I really wanted to try DSLR video and my old faithful just couldn’t keep up. So about the new camera, we sprung for a Canon 80D with the video creators kit. Literally the first pic I took was amazing and I was in love!! I love super bright, borderline washed out pics and the 80D makes them beautifully! Most professional photogs would probably cringe at my settings, though 😉 I’m SO excited to see how…