Pumpkin Bread I Don’t Hate Myself for Gorging On

Pumpkin Bread I Don’t Hate Myself for Gorging On

Whenever I bake a new treat I have the hardest time not devouring the entire thing myself (that’s not an exaggeration). If I love it, I’ll just keep eating it until it’s gone. As you can imagine, that’s not going to help me lose this baby weight any time soon. My advice:

“If you’re going to pig out, make it on something you won’t regret tomorrow.”

Since going Paleo back in 2012 I’ve learned I can borderline gorge myself on cookies, cakes and pies and not gain weight or fall into a carb craving cycle like I did in my “regular” brownie days.

I’m not saying you should binge on Paleo cookies. I am saying you can afford to eat a little more and not pay such a heavy price the next day when the ingredients in your treats are so clean. Feel me?

All that said, I devoured this entire pumpkin loaf in about 12 hours and felt zero guilt because 1) it was amazing and 2) it’s loaded with healthy ingredients.

Here’s the recipe



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