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Fruit On A Low Carb Diet!?


For the first two years Rory and I were together I didn't eat a single piece of fruit. Whaaaaaat!?? I was low carb, duh. Ok I lied, I did have some fruit: there was no shortage of tomatoes, avocados or coconut in my kitchen, but when it comes to the sweet stuff, goose egg. For two ...

69 Paleo Chocolate Treats


When it comes to favorite holidays, it's a toss up between Christmas and Valentine's Day for me. While Christmas is all about the tunes and family and giving and eggnog (which I LOVE), Valentine's Day is chock full o' chocolate, pink and sex. Seriously, could anything be better?! If you're planning to make a special treat ...



Last winter (mid-February to be exact) my husband and I decided it was high time to take the plunge and officially “try” for a baby after agreeing we're not getting any younger and we want a troop of kids. When prime baby-making time came around at the end of the month we went for it ...

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Don’t STRESS Over Pregnancy Weight Gain


Yes, you will gain weight during pregnancy.   It’s perfectly natural, healthy, and expected!  Instead of stressing, focus on a few healthy weight gain guidelines so it’ll be even easier to shed the baby weight once your little one is here!  How Much Weight Do You Need To Gain? That depends.  We’re all different shapes and sizes, so ...

Fit After 40


This post is inspired by a lovely reader who wants to tone up after having babies and turning 40. To every woman who's hit the big 4-0 and doesn't want to let go of her figure, this is for you! The BAD News: As we age, we slowly lose muscle mass. It's happening to everyone over the ...