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Hosting a Paleo Cocktail Party

July 29, 2019

Last Saturday was not only my FIRST overnight trip away from my babies everrrrr, but it was also the FIRST Cleanse party ever!! My bestie, Laura, and I took a quickie road trip down to our friend Julianna’s house in Delaware for a cocktail party to celebrate the launch of the print Cleanse — and for an excuse to drink too much wine and swim until midnight without our kids 🙂

Julianna did ALL of the cooking and prep and she absolutely nailed it! Everything was 100% Paleo approved and we pigged out guilt-free.

Here’s the menu with links to the recipes she made

1. Crab Dip
2. Tortilla Espanola and Guacamole
3. Cabbage and Kale salad with honey and apple cider vinegar (this one was winged)
4. Sloppy Joe Meatballs (use beef and roll into balls; also Jules added peppers and tomatoes in the sauce and skipped the diced)
5. Crisp Cucumber Salsa (swap the sour cream for coconut cream and add a drizzle of honey)
6. Our Daily Red Organic Wine
7. Siete grain-free tortilla chips
8. Candied Pecans

We stayed at the Dover Downs hotel and Laura pumped my gas on the way home lol Spoiled Jersey girl right here!


Thanks so much to everyone who came out! And especially to the most fab hostess ever!

Jenny Champion MS RD CPT

Dietitian. Mom. Boss. Read More

Xo Jenny

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