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Hosting a Paleo Cocktail Party


Last Saturday was not only my FIRST overnight trip away from my babies everrrrr, but it was also the FIRST Cleanse party ever!! My bestie, Laura, and I took a quickie road trip down to our friend Julianna's house in Delaware for a cocktail party to celebrate the launch of the print Cleanse -- and ...

49 Cleanse Recipes


Even if you're not officially Cleansing, you can still sprinkle a few approved meals into your routine to stay on track without being super strict. Thanks to Monica at Bravo for Paleo for unknowingly creating a ridiculously long list of Cleanse-approved recipes on her blog over the last few years. PS she's done the Cleanse! Read her ...

The 7-Day Cleanse

Just this morning I got THREE success stories in my inbox from girls who’ve done my Cleanse 1) “I have never in my life not been hungry with all this boundless energy.” 2) “I lost 7 lbs, my skin looks better, and I’m feeling fresh AF.” 3) “Down 5 lbs and feeling SO much better.” When I feel like I’m posting to no one or that my work isn’t really helping as many people as I wish it would, these stories keep me going! I know how it feels to have food rule my life and it SUCKS! All I want is to help other women find the same food freedom and energy I’ve found Thank you for sharing your successes, ladies you’ve made me so proud Here’s a little more info about it…