My Favorite Beauty Products


In general, I’m super careful about what I put in my body and equally as careful about what I put on it. And when I’m pregnant I’m an absolute psycho about it. Sulfates and parabens (chemicals in a lot of products) aren’t proven safe and have actually been associated with birth defects in animal studies. I also read about a link to learning disabilities in toddlers whose moms used chemical-laden products during pregnancy. With food and beauty, if there’s ANY question that something isn’t safe, I won’t touch it.

That said, after being pregnant, nursing or both for the past five years I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my absolute favorite natural beauty products.

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Kristin Ess Hair Products

I love the clean ingredient lists and how the shampoo makes my hair feel. I’m not totally in love with the scent, but that could just be from my rollercoaster hormones. I haven’t tried a lot of the other products, but it’s 100% on my to-do list.


Organix Shampoo & Conditioner

This stuff is so great, I’ve been using it forever. It leaves my hair super smooth and I love the scent. It’s also really cheap which I love.


M-61 everything

I discovered the M-61 Power Glow Peel when I went to the Create & Cultivate Beauty Summit last spring; it was one of the samples in my goody bag. Not even joking, it changed my life. I went from dull, dry, wrinkly-looking skin to smooth, moist and youthful again overnight. Since then I’ve tried several other products from the line and not one of them has disappointed.






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