Hi, I’m Jenny!

I’m a Paleo dietitian, pink lover, pomeranian owner, wife, mother and editor of Posh Paleo Magazine.

When people find out I’m a registered dietitian who doesn’t eat grains I’m immediately hit with this one burning question: “WHAT DO YOU EAT?!?!?!” Instead of writing article after article about what I do and why I do it, I’m going to show you. Consider this your front row seat inside the life of a Paleo dietitian. What I eat, how I feed my family, brands I heart, fashion I’m obsessed with, and how I survive pregnancy and motherhood.

Also, go behind the scenes with me as I create, shoot and edit the monthly issues of Posh Paleo Magazine. Inside the mag and on our blog is where all my in-depth nutrition wisdom lies so if you want specific tips, sign up to get it FREE here!




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