If you’re struggling with your weight and you feel completely out of control around food, I can help. I was completely out of control around food and abused my body for decades, I took diet pills that gave me heart palpitations, I starved myself, I binged, I took laxatives, I tried a new diet every few weeks and I didn’t wear shorts for 20 years because my thighs rubbed.

It took me two decades to figure my diet out and I’m sharing everything I’ve learned through personal experience as well as 8+ years of college and graduate school so you can bypass all that nonsense I went through.

This blog is my chance to be the no-BS advice I needed when I was young — and could still use as a 30-something mom.

My overall life/diet/motherhood philosophy goes something like this…

  1. Eat real food.
  2. Don’t count or measure or track or stress.
  3. If no one’s going to die, does it even matter?
  4. Find an activity you love and do it for fun, not calorie burn.
  5. F$&! what anyone thinks. This is your life, be whoever you want to be.
  6. Everyone has cellulite.
  7. Failure is part of life. Embrace it and keep trucking.


Jenny Champion MS RD

Registered Dietitian


Here’s where to connect with me:

  1. My Journal. Every Sunday I send out an uber personal, TMI-rich email with updates from my blog, shit I’m struggling with and of course, answers to your personal questions or tips I think you could use.
  2. My Channel. This is where I’m answering even more of your questions, talking through client struggles, blasting excuses, showing products I’ve found and talking about the shit no one else has the guts to talk about.
  3. My Magazine. Posh Paleo is where my nutrition and design backgrounds collide. We feature tips by myself and other pros, recipes, how-to’s, and Cleanse success stories.
  4. My Cleanse. No joke, this thing has been 20 years in the making. It worked for me so I started sharing it with friends. It worked for them so I shared it with the Posh Paleo subscribers. It worked for them so now I’m sharing it with the world.
  5. My Group. The best part of the Cleanse is our support group. On any given week someone else is going through it in there so you’ll have a “buddy” and of course I’m available to answer questions or point you in the right direction as you embark on your own Cleanse.

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