When people find out I’m a registered dietitian who doesn’t eat grains I’m immediately hit with this one burning question: “WHAT DO YOU EAT?!?!?!” Instead of writing article after article about what you should do and why you should do it, I’m going to show you. Consider this your front row seat inside the life of a Paleo dietitian. What I eat, how I feed my family, brands I heart, fashion I’m obsessed with, and how I survive pregnancy and motherhood. Consider this your fair warning: I’m holding nothing back.

My blog is where I share  all the details inside each video on PB TV including links to places we went, what I’m wearing, the equipment I’m using, the gear I’m shooting, the recipes I’m making, the people I’m collaborating with and more. It’s also where I get to post all the pretty pics I’m taking for the projects I’m working on and where I share news and updates on what’s next for this digital magazine editor and all the stuff I’ve got up my sleeve.

Posh Paleo Magazine is a FREE monthly magazine I created for Paleo girls who’d rather shop than crossfit…aka girls who want to look good without having to push tractor tires across parking lots.

Go behind the scenes with me as I create, shoot and edit the monthly issues of Posh Paleo Magazine. Inside the mag and on our blog is where all my in-depth nutrition wisdom lies so if you want specific tips, sign up to get it now!


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