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My Workout Plan

October 4, 2019

I really need to get my ass in shape before I’m 50 and regret never being fit (I’ve never been fit). I’ve got the diet part down, but exercise…. I just can never do it often enough to actually see results ugh.

I also have some random physical issues that make it harder to do most “normal” exercises, BUT… I can’t let them hold me back. Obstacles don’t have to become excuses, right?! Right. Heeding my own advice here.

I think if I write out my “issues” and obstacles, I’ll work out solutions at the same time — and hopefully help anyone who’s dealing with the same BS, too.

In no specific order…

I have a really high crack

Not really something I can change so my goal is to just keep it covered up haha. I also have a big booty with a small waist so the recent high-waisted legging trend is an answer to my bending-over-without-mooning-anyone prayers.

I’m not motivated

I’m happy with my weight, I feel pretty good in my clothes and I’m not moody or tired so I don’t really feel like I need exercise… except for the fact that we all need exercise and every day I don’t use my muscles I’m losing them (womp womp). I need to find something — anything — to focus on as my motivation. Honestly, it’s gonna have to be fashion. That’s the only thing that’s ever gotten me off my ass in the past.

I’m still sore from childbirth

I had a pretty traumatic delivery with Poppy (my third) and I’m still dealing with the aftermath. I even had surgery to fix it a few months ago, and it’s a lot better, but still an obstacle I have to navigate daily. Ex: if I do cardio, I’m sore for a week (not worth it, let me tell ya). I need to try getting my heart rate up without creating any crotchal friction. There are plenty of options, of course, like jumping jacks, jump rope, etc. but then I have this issue…

I pee myself when I jump or swing kettlebells

See the pickle I’m in? I think I need to do more kegels and maybe try doing like five jumps and then switch to resistance exercises, rinse and repeat.

I need so much support

After nursing babies for five years straight, I’ve got zero built-in support left if you know what I mean 😉 I feel like all the new, cute sports bras look great, but they’re not gonna strap my puppies back like I want them strapped back. I’ll just have to order a few and see which brands are most supportive… I’ll keep you posted.

I’m a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom)

If I try to do anything for myself, my kids immediately need something or a fight breaks out or someone gets hurt. Every single time. I’m going to have to time this out just right; immediately following a meal, after everyone’s peed and within the first 30 seconds of a kiddie Halloween flick.

My back is weak AF

Three pregnancies in under three years = RIP core. I really have to take it easy with every exercise I do, otherwise I’ll throw something out and won’t be able to pick my babies up (yes, this has happened multiple times). It’s frustrating having to go so damn slow, when I know what I used to be able to do — and want to do. I’m not a “do things slow” kind of person in general, so this one might actually be my biggest obstacle. If I can’t do something right or the way I want to do it, I just don’t do it at all. Baby steps, Jenny.


Alright, I think this pretty much covers my biggest workout obstacles. I’m sure as I get going I’ll find more, but for now here’s my plan:

  1. Stop putting it off and making excuses
  2. Buy high-waisted leggings
  3. Don’t do any “scissoring” exercises
  4. Don’t jump too much and don’t even bother with kettlebells
  5. Successfully occupy the kids
  6. Get a supportive sports bra
  7. Take it sloooooow
  8. Do shit I actually enjoy (like Pilates!!)



  1. leg warmers // 2. nike air max 270 // 3. mesh tank //  4. weighted bar // 5. pilates reformer // 6. pink leggings // 7. sports bra // 8. high-waisted leggings // 9. black and white sports bra // 10. training mat

Jenny Champion MS RD CPT

Dietitian. Mom. Boss. Read More

Xo Jenny

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