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What I’m Working on This Week

April 8, 2018

On Sundays I map out the week ahead. It almost never works out as planned, but it helps me to at least start with a list and some goals so on Friday I’ve hit a few of them.

After Poppy was born I was still trying to accomplish two or three projects every day which, after months of tears and frustration, I learned was 200,000% unrealistic with three under three. I’ve since simplified my tasks and now give myself only ONE thing to get done daily. I want to do more, I just can’t. So I focus on the most important task that’s going to have the most impact on my life — and my businesses.

Here’s what I’m doing this week:


  1. CLEANSE, baby!! Gosh it’s so easy to get off track. A few bites of chocolate here, a few glasses of red there and my weight loss is stalled. I still have seven pounds I’m trying to lose after babe and I’d really like to see them gone before summer. So we went to Whole Foods this morning and stocked up on Cleanse foods.
  2. Workout 3x- Rory and I are following the “Get Strong” plan which I always call “get hard” 😉


  1. Set up membership site for MSH Daily archive
  2. Test that shit out
  3. Listen to two podcasts during nap each day
  4. Finish editing BIZZIE shoot
  5. Shop for new spring sheets and pillows

That’s probably about all I can squeeze in. We’ll see how it goes…



Jenny Champion MS RD CPT

Dietitian. Mom. Boss. Read More

Xo Jenny

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