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I Got A New Camera!!

January 27, 2017


I finally got a new camera!!!! I’ve been using an old Canon Rebel for the past year or so to shoot for the magazine, but I really wanted to try DSLR video and my old faithful just couldn’t keep up. So about the new camera, we sprung for a Canon 80D with the video creators kit. Literally the first pic I took was amazing and I was in love!!

I love super bright, borderline washed out pics and the 80D makes them beautifully! Most professional photogs would probably cringe at my settings, though 😉 I’m SO excited to see how much better all the magazine images are now!! And I have to try a new flash- if anyone has any tips on that I’ll take whatever I can get!!
Anyway just wanted to share a few practice pics! I linked to everything at the bottom if you love my gear and want to buy. The only thing not buyable is that little toddler hand 😉



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Jenny Champion MS RD CPT

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