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My Thrive Market Shopping List

April 29, 2021

I’m a total Whole Foods whore for everything fresh, but for cheap non-perishables, Thrive Market is it. It is a membership-based store, but if you use it for pantry staples you’ll more than earn back the cost to join and you can make $$ by referring friends (like I do all the time)!

Here’s a list of faves this psycho mama / natural product snob keeps on hand at ALL times.

FYI: * = Cleanse Approved!


Simple Mills chocolate cake and icing (we probably do at least one cake every week, these guys love it so much!)

Cocoa powder (this is what I use in my brownies)

Enjoy Life chocolate chips (I’ll pour some of these in a bowl with cashews and raisins and the kids gobble them up)

Cashew butter (a spoon of this + a square of dark chocolate = perfect simple dessert)

Unreal almond butter cups (my kids looooove this candy)

Justin’s peanut butter cups (kid- and husband-approved)



Simple Mills almond flour crackers

Simple Mills chocolate chip cookies (“little crunchy cookies” as my girls call them… we literally go through a box a day in this house)

Siete fuego chips (rec’d by my girl Julianna’s husband)

Paleonola (great on yogurt or with almond milk as cereal)



Paleo Puffs (my girls love these, but Decky hates the smell)

That’s It bars

Fruit tape

Peanuts (I like sprinkling peanuts and chocolate chips on my yogurt)

Late July grain-free chips (my fave)



Primal Kitchen ketchup*

Organic ghee*

Avocado oil*

Bob’s Red Mill almond flour

Bob’s Red Mill arrowroot flour

Coconut manna* (so good with cinnamon on baked yams or toast if you’re not Cleansing)

Primal Kitchen chipotle lime mayo* (I specifically use this to dip sweet potato fries)

Ancient Nutrition bone broth protein (I like vanilla, Rory likes chocolate)

Maple syrup

Coconut aminos* (a great swap for soy sauce)

Primal Kitchen avocado mayo*

Coconut oil*

Coconut milk* (this is what I use for my chia puddings)

Canned pumpkin (great for muffins and also for toothless elderly dogs. Rory’s convinced I hoard this stuff… he’s probably right)

Coconut sugar (we use this for peanut butter cookies! 1 c PB, 1 egg, 1/2 c sugar… so delish)

Apple cider vinegar*

Coconut flour


Primal Kitchen BBQ sauce

Bob’s Red Mill organic oats (yes we eat some grains)

Three Wishes cinnamon cereal (our entire family is newly addicted to this stuff!!!)



Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap aka PA (if you’ve known me for a while, you know what PA means 😉 )

Acure shampoo (it smells like the hand soap in Saks… mmmmmm sweet memories)

Acure cleansing cream (my old ass skin can’t live without this stuff)

Tom’s Natural deodorant (this works pretty well, but I am in the market for something stronger on particularly sweaty days)



Nordic Naturals lemon fish oil (I like it for the O3’s and heavy-metallessness, Rory likes it for the lemon burps)

Kids Multivitamin (my kids fully enjoy the bears’ butts)

Prenatal Multivitamin (I like this one because it has folate which is better absorbed than folic acid)

Probiotics for women

Vitamin D3 (I only take this in the winter. In summer I just get outside)

Jenny Champion MS RD CPT

Dietitian. Mom. Boss. Read More

Xo Jenny

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