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15 Healthy Treats My Kids Love

July 11, 2019

It’s easy to give kids junk food; it’s cheap, pre-packaged and never goes bad. It’s also horrible for them. If your babes are struggling with asthma, eczema, nightmares or behavioral issues, they might do better if you clean up their diets.

Being prepared with healthy food is the obstacle I see most. They key, I’ve found, is to always have easy, healthy treats ready so I’m never tempted to hand out a bag of goldfish. 

I realize I’m at an advantage; I started Paleo years before I had babies so my kids were born into this way of eating. If you’re new to the clean-eating club, I suggest easing into it with desserts and snacks. What pre-schooler’s gonna turn down brownies for breakfast or chips for dinner, amiright?!

If the ingredient list is short and full of super high quality items, I really don’t care if my crew eats cookies for breakfast or crackers for dinner.

Desserty-y Stuff

1. Brownies
2. Banana bread (pictured)
3. Chocolate chip cookies
4. Snickerdoodles
5. Chocolate covered cashews (homemade)
6. Cashews and raisins
7. Frozen fruit pops
8. Berries and homemade whipped cream (I use heavy cream + maple syrup)

Salty/Crunchy Stuff

1. Siete grain-free tortilla chips with guac
2. Simple Mills almond flour crackers with almond butter and either banana slices or raisins
3. Almond flour crackers with olives and cheese
4. Salami or pepperoni and cheese
5. Paleo Puffs
6. Egg white curls
7. Jackson’s Honest sweet potato chips

Jenny Champion MS RD CPT

Dietitian. Mom. Boss. Read More

Xo Jenny

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