How to Get Your Kids to Eat Better

Oh, the struggle of parenting! Trying to raise a healthy kid in today’s processed world is NOT easy. 

There are food commercials glamorizing sugar-coated cereal, packaging made just for kids in pretty colors and designs, everyone and their mothers trying to pass off candy and “treats” to kids that don’t belong to them, fast food commercials showing off “must-have” toys…there are so many things working against a mom just trying to raise her kid to eat real FOOD. 

Don’t STRESS Over Pregnancy Weight Gain

Yes, you will gain weight during pregnancy.   It’s perfectly natural, healthy, and expected!  Instead of stressing, focus on a few healthy weight gain guidelines so it’ll be even easier to shed the baby weight once your little one is here!  How Much Weight Do You Need To Gain? That depends.  We’re all different shapes and sizes, so your pre pregnancy weight will determine your recommended weight gain: Start off by calculating your BMI, Body Mass Index.  Try this BMI calculator!       Pre Pregnancy Weight with Recommended Weight Gain Underweight BMI less than 18.5                                                    28-40 lbs Normal weight BMI 18.5…