We’re Starting a Cooking Show


I realize the title says “recipes” but there’s a whooooole lot of back story before I get to that part. Pull up a chair.

Since my mom died, I’ve turned to my Grandmom (the original Paleo Barbie) whenever I need guidance or prayer. She knows my heart, my intentions and my potential better than anyone and she’s my spiritual bestie. We connect on a crazy-deep level because we share the same crazy-deep faith. So yeah, she gets me.

When I was sitting with her last week chatting about the future, she blurted out, “You have to do a cooking show like Julia Child. Have Rory in it. Show how good looking he is. People will love it. You could be like Lucille Ball.” I instantly got chills and felt something come alive inside me. I know when Barbie tells me something like this it may as well be God using her as a puppet for what He wants me to hear.

I’ve been fucking around in business for years. Sure I’ve learned a ton and I loooove being creative and working for myself, but I still haven’t found “the one.” I’m still trying to dabble and find my way. I have so many ideas and I want to do them all, but I feel like there’s gotta be one big thing that’s the umbrella everything else falls under, right?! I think I’m finally realizing that that “big thing” is ME. Just being me.

I haven’t really talked about my faith or Bible-reading much on social or my blog in the past because I assumed everyone just wanted me to help them lose weight and that none of my personal shit would matter to them. But there’s so much more to me than just knowing how many calories are in an almond (seven, if you’re wondering). You’d never guess it from all my F-bombs, but I’m a hardcore Jesus lover. I pray about 35 times a day and I read the Bible daily. I’m not perfect. I say bad words and I love me some hot goss, but my heart is in the right place and God knows it.

I’ve been praying for the past few months about WTF I should be doing with my life; WTF I should be doing in business. I keep hearing, “just be me.” I could have just listened back in January when it started, but of course I didn’t. How could I possibly make the kind of impact I want to make (which is HUGE, by the way) by just being goofy Jenny!?!? How can I make enough money to retire Rory by laughing at poop jokes and yelling at pedestrians with megaphones?! (I’ve actually done that… sorry pedestrians.) I have no idea, but I’m jumping and trusting that God has a parachute ready on the way down.

Ok full circle back to the recipes…

I really think this “show” thing is falling into place at the absolute perfect time. Lately I’ll open the fridge, look around for a minute and then walk away unimpressed by a damn thing I just saw. Sure it’s great for dieting, but it’s actually kinda sad. I love to eat and I love to try new things, but having three little kids to wrangle while recipe stalking, ingredient shopping, meal prepping, cooking and serving has taken the wind out of my new-recipe sails these past few years.

But… if we’re making a show and we have people expecting us to make new food, it’ll force us to get us out of this rut — and force me to be 100% not-a-chef me. If I can figure this out, anyone can.

So this is the plan: we’re going to make new recipes every week and document the process. I hope you love it. I hope it’s helpful and entertaining and I hope I learn to cook (and edit videos) in the process. Here goes nothing!